How To Get Your Candles Dressed

If you would like to get any of your candles or items blessed, we are more than happy to provide that for you!

For Candles:

Getting your candle dressed follow these 2 simple steps:

  1. Choose which dressing you want for your candle. (These options can be found listed above the quantity picker in the listing for the candle. If you do not want a dressing, make sure "None" is selected.)
  2. If you would like a name carved into your candle (up to 2 names per candle), type out the Full Name and Date of Birth for each person and which candle the names belong to in the "Order Special Instructions" box at checkout.

Please note, if you do not provide a name, your candle will be dressed with a general dressing. 

For Items:

You can get any item ordered from us blessed. If you would like to, follow these steps. 

  1. Add whichever item(s) you would like to purchase and bless to your cart. (For example; a baby bracelet and a blue & black neck beads)
  2. Now, add however many blessings you would like to your cart 
  3. Once you are ready to checkout, please type out which items you would like to get blessed in the  "Order Special Instructions" box at checkout.

You can find blessings HERE

Please note we only offer blessings for items purchased on our website. We do not offer blessings for items already purchased or items purchased from a third party.

Please also note, if you do not specify which items you would like to get blessed, we reserve the right to pick which item(s) get blessed. 

Lastly, if you do not order enough blessings, we reserve the right again to pick which item(s) get blessed.